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Renewing access to personal archived International Research on Hepatitis http://www.hempforus.com/hepac.htm
Most important that Israel continues to do their research and provisions of Cannabis for their citizens.  Israel never ceased research activities of Cannabis, and leads the world.
GW Pharmaceuticals is leading the world with patents, and medicines, leaving little room for competition.   There are many snake oil start ups...THIS PLANT SHOULD BE FREE!
Hemp is now legal to cultivate in some states, with the passing of Farm Bill in 2016
The Goal to Enrich the US Economy - See Pictures of NEW HEMP INDUSTRIES

2017 inspired a fresh beginning, and retirement to 27 years of devoted energy toward restoring dignity and honor for the Cannabis Plant.  Click here to view retired index page.  includes extensive research data base available free.  How to make Bio-fuel, Hemp Oil - Rick Simpson formula.
Your actions make a difference! GET INVOLVED make your thoughts heard.
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http://www.GreenArtRocks.com - Art, each item hand made, no mass production.
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* Vann Indian Family & Vann Cherokee Wildlife Sanctuary

Whether you thinkyoucan, or you think you can't - you're right!
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DebbyMoore, the hemplady, a folk hero listed in the 1998 Who's Who in America, Freedom

Fighter of the month, August 1994, a researcher, public speaker, publisher, lobbyists, community
and global activists of Cannabis Sativa L Hemp. For two decades, Debby has been an elected or
appointed representative of her district on many citizen boards to plan the direction of future city and
state policies. Registered State Lobbyists for Industrial Hemp, and marijuana decriminalization, since
1970. (Debby Moore - pictures ) Kansas Environmentalists for Commerce in Hemp was Founded by, DebbyMoore, also known as 'The Hemplady', original web-site began 1990 as hemplady@fn.net & hemplady@feist.com. Both ISP companies have been consumed.